Companies That Offer Work From Home Opportunity

work from home

Many people are seeking more flexible work options online or to work for companies that allow some amount of commute. This can be a great option, especially because it provides an opportunity to spend more time at home with the… Continue Reading

Writing A Business Plan

Writing a business plan is a sure way of increasing your chances of obtaining a loan. Before you begin writing your business plan, consider the following questions: What service or product does the business provide and what need does it… Continue Reading



The demand for your goods and services is the amount the customers are willing and able to buy at any given time. There is an inverse relationship between demand and price, which is expressed in the ‘law of demand’. This… Continue Reading

Promotional Mix

The promotional mix is the combination of tools used to promote a product. There are four aspects to the promotional mix; sales promotion, advertising, personal selling and public relations. This article looks at sales promotion and advertising. Sales Promotion Sales… Continue Reading

Starting Your Small Business? Get Organised

Getting organised - Think big, learn fast and adapt

Proper planning will reduce the ‘stress’ that could come with starting your own small business; an ad hoc approach is often a recipe for disaster. Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your own small business:… Continue Reading

Employee relations

Employee relations

Employee relations refers to the management of employees in an organisation. Good employee relations is important to any business; this article looks at management’s responsibilities to workers. As a business grows, so will the need for various skilled personnels. It… Continue Reading