Starting Your Small Business? Get Organised

Getting organised - Think big, learn fast and adapt

Proper planning will reduce the ‘stress’ that could come with starting your own small business; an ad hoc approach is often a recipe for disaster. Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your own small business:… Continue Reading

Entrepreneur or Self-Employed

Entrepreneur or Self-employed

Often we hear the terms entrepreneur and self-employed used interchangeably, but they do not necessarily mean the same thing. So who is an entrepreneur and who is a self-employed? Merriam-Webster defines the Entrepreneur as one who organizes, manages, and assumes… Continue Reading

Buying an existing business – What you need to know

buying an existing business | Julian Gooden

You probably do not want to go through the process of starting a business from scratch, and therefore, might consider buying an existing business. This could be a good idea since an established business should already have built in customers,… Continue Reading


Why Not Create Your Own Franchise?

Popular franchises

Ever thought of creating your own franchise? If you have a secret family recipe that gets all your friends drooling, keep it your secret, start your own small restaurant and franchise your business. Maybe it is not a family recipe;… Continue Reading


Choosing A Business Structure

Business structures

Before you organise your operation, you need to identify a business structure that best suit your needs and the demands of your business. You might want to take into consideration issues of complexity in setting up, availability of capital and… Continue Reading


Start up business list

Startup business

This is a followup to the previous article ‘Business Ideas‘. Below is a list of careers and business examples that are worth considering for startup businesses. Accountant Artist Art dealer Author Auto mechanic Automated telemarketer Bed & breakfast hostel Betting… Continue Reading