15 Growing Online Careers

Career growth

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and with it comes a range of emerging online careers. These careers often stem from advancements in technology, changes in consumer behavior, and the growing importance of online platforms. Here are some emerging online careers that have gained prominence in recent years:

  1. Social Media Manager: With the increasing importance of social media for businesses and individuals, the role of a social media manager has become crucial. They are responsible for creating and implementing social media strategies, managing online presence, and engaging with the audience.
  2. Influencer: Influencers are individuals who have built a substantial online following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch. They collaborate with brands for sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and product endorsements.
  3. Content Creator: Content creators produce various forms of digital content, such as videos, blog posts, podcasts, and more. They often monetise their content through ads, sponsorships, memberships, and crowdfunding.
  4. E-commerce Entrepreneur: With the rise of online shopping, e-commerce entrepreneurs create and manage online stores, often using platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Etsy, to sell products globally.
  5. Digital Marketing Specialist: Digital marketers focus on promoting products, services, or brands through online channels such as search engines, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.
  6. Remote Freelancer: The gig economy has expanded significantly, offering opportunities for freelancers in various fields like graphic design, web development, writing, translation, and more to work remotely for clients around the world.
  7. Online Tutor/Instructor: Online education has surged, leading to a demand for online tutors and instructors. This includes teaching academic subjects, offering skill-based courses, and providing specialised training.
  8. Virtual Reality (VR) Developer: As VR technology becomes more accessible, developers skilled in creating virtual reality experiences for entertainment, education, training, and other industries are in demand.
  9. Augmented Reality (AR) Developer: Similar to VR, AR developers create interactive digital experiences that overlay computer-generated content onto the real world, often through mobile apps or wearable devices.
  10. Data Analyst/Data Scientist: As data becomes increasingly vital for decision-making, professionals who can analyse and interpret data to derive insights are in high demand across various industries.
  11. Cybersecurity Specialist: With the growth of online activities, the need for cybersecurity professionals to protect sensitive information, systems, and networks from cyber threats has also increased.
  12. Remote Healthcare Professional: Telemedicine and online health services have gained traction, leading to the emergence of remote healthcare professionals such as telehealth doctors, therapists, and counselors.
  13. Blockchain Developer: Blockchain technology has applications beyond cryptocurrencies. Developers skilled in blockchain can work on projects related to digital identity, supply chain management, decentralised applications (DApps), and more.
  14. Podcaster: Podcasting has grown as a popular form of content consumption. Podcasters create and host shows on various topics, often monetizing through sponsorships, ads, and listener support.
  15. AI/Machine Learning Engineer: As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to advance, professionals who can develop AI-driven solutions and applications are in demand.

These emerging online careers reflect the ongoing shifts in technology and society, providing opportunities for individuals to leverage their skills and interests in the digital realm. Keep in mind that the online landscape is dynamic, so staying adaptable and continuously updating your skills is crucial in pursuing these careers effectively.


Companies That Offer Work From Home Opportunity

work from home

Many people are seeking more flexible work options online or to work for companies that allow some amount of commute. This can be a great option, especially because it provides an opportunity to spend more time at home with the family while still being able to earn. Of course it also offers a lot of flexibility in that you can work at your best hours instead of the more rigid 9 to 5 structure. The number of companies offering work at home opportunities continues to increase. Below is a list of 100 companies that offer work from home opportunity; you can explore to see what opportunities are there to work with some of these companies.

  1. About.com
  2. ACI Group
  3. Adobe Systems
  4. ADP
  5. Aetna
  6. AIG
  7. Alere
  8. American Express
  9. American Heart Association
  10. American Public University System – APUS
  11. American Support
  12. AmerisourceBergen Corporation
  13. Aon
  14. Appen ButlerHill
  15. Apple
  16. Asurion
  17. Autodesk
  18. Bausch & Lomb
  19. BCD Travel
  20. BroadSpire
  21. CACI International
  22. Canonical
  23. CareFusion
  24. Cargill
  25. Clarity Consultants
  26. Computer Sciences Corporation – CSC
  27. Connections Academy
  28. Coventry Health Care
  29. CVS Caremark
  30. CyberCoders
  31. Dell
  32. Dignity Health
  33. Ecolab
  34. Enterprise Contact Center
  35. Express Scripts
  36. First Data
  37. Fiserv
  38. FlexProfessionals
  39. Forest Laboratories
  40. General Electric – GE
  41. Grand Canyon University
  42. Hartford Financial Services Group
  43. HD Supply
  44. Health Net
  45. Healthfirst
  46. Humana
  47. IBM
  48. ICF International Inc.
  49. ICON
  50. Infor
  51. K12
  52. Kaplan
  53. Kelly Services
  54. Kenexa
  55. Kronos Incorporated
  56. Language Line Solutions
  57. Lockheed Martin
  58. McKesson Corporation
  59. Microsoft
  60. Mom Corps
  61. Mozilla
  62. Nielsen
  63. Novartis
  64. Nuance
  65. Optum
  66. Overland Solutions Inc.
  67. Pacific Interpreters
  68. Parallon
  70. Patch
  71. PayJunction
  72. Pearson Education
  73. Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc.
  74. Pitney Bowes
  75. Precyse Solutions
  76. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  77. Quintiles
  78. Red Hat
  79. Salesforce.com
  80. SAP
  81. Sodexo
  82. SumTotal Systems
  83. SunAmerica Financial Group
  84. Symantec
  85. TEKsystems
  86. Teradata Corporation
  87. Thomson Reuters
  88. U.S. Department of Transportation
  89. Unisys
  90. UnitedHealth Group
  91. University of Maryland University College
  92. Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company – VALIC
  93. VMware
  94. Walden University
  95. Welcome Wagon
  96. WellPoint
  97. Westat
  98. Western Governors University
  99. Zimmer
  100. Xerox

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