Etsy Listing Bulk Editing Tools

If you sell on Etsy you might find it quite tedious to make changes in cases where you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of items listed. There are however some listing tools that you could use to make the job less tedious and less time-consuming. I will look at a few of these tools – some of which I have tried myself.

1. Vela

Vela bulk editing tool for Etsy
Vela is an online tool. It’s quick and easy to get started. Sign up and follow the instructions to connect your shop. Once your shop is connected you will be able to go ahead and make individual or bulk changes to title, description, category, photos, price, quantity, tags, section, materials, occasion, style and recipient. You may all the items in one go or edit sections at a time. Once you have made your changes and click ‘Sync updates’ (top left hand corner) the changes begin to take effect. When you log in, in the early stages a video will pop up with instructions on how to use Vela.

Price: Free to register and use.

url: https://login.getvela.com/

2. ShopShaper

ShopShaper bulk editing for Etsy
ShopShaper is another great editing tool for Etsy. Downloads are available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Once you have downloaded the files – extract / run the programme to install. Once installation is complete, open on your desktop and connect your Etsy shop (make sure you are connected to the internet). It’s not as smooth or pretty as Vela but it is easy to understand and use. You can make changes to active, inactive, expired, and draft listings in bulk – titles, descriptions, tags, materials, quantities and prices, add shipping destinations to listings, change shipping costs of existing shipping destinations, delete, replace or add images and preview your changes before applying.

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They also have videos on how to get started using ShopShaper.

Price: Free unlimited use for the first 7 days.
After 7 days:
1 day key – $1 (Valid for 24 hours, to be used with 1 shop, no operation limit)
1 month key – $14 (Valid for 31 days, to be used with up to 2 shops, no operation limit)
1 year key – $72 (Valid for 365 days, to be used with up to 2 shops, no operation limit)

url: http://www.shopshaper.net/

3. Zetsy

Zetsy - bulk editing for Etsy
Zetsy is a free Etsy listing tool for Windows operating system. It allows you to edit title, price, description, tags and shipping costs. You will need to download and install the latest version on your computer. Once you install and activiate it is ready to use. They have a tutorial on how to get started; please watch, as you will probably find it a bit confusing otherwise.

Price: Free

url: http://zimpro.co/ZetsyHome.html

You can check out and try these tool; see which works best for you.





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